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Version: v7

Haltdos Cloud


Haltdos Cloud has been designed over Haltdos Platform - a proprietary platform that separates security from the underlying infrastructure. The platform is powered using a multi-cloud infrastructure for greater reliability, scalability, and provides enterprise-grade security.

This document explains various components of Haltdos Cloud and Apps offered by the solution.


Haltdos Cloud is a paid Managed Security-as-a-Service platform. Every customer is provided with a license which details the ability and support provided to the customer. The license can have limitations regarding product features, configurable number of FQDN / Users (depending upon chosen product) and / or bandwidth restriction. Regardless of the license, there is no restriction on how many attacks are blocked. The computation of bandwidth restricted depends purely on clean traffic being forwarded to origin servers.

For example, if a license issued to a customer says 50 FQDN with 50 Mbps clean traffic and 100 Mbps burt traffic through Haltdos Cloud. This means:

  • The customer can configure at max 50 websites / api services
  • No restriction on inbound traffic (genuine and attack traffic)
  • Max allowed outgoing traffic (clean traffic) capped to 100 Mbps
  • Max allowed outgoing traffic (clean traffic) averaged over the month should not exceed 50 Mbps. In case it does, additional charges as per contract will apply.


Haltdos Support is here to help you configure and manage security for your business 24x7. We are available via email, phone, ticket, and chat. In case of any issue, feel free to reach out to us.