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Version: v7

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a centralized repository of information of the Haltdos Solution. It is available publicly, which provides users a particular product of the server side product.


The Haltdos Knowledge Base is about detailed research and analysis of frequently asked queries and issues, providing manuals, technical information, and self-explanatory FAQs. Haltdos provides big databases of knowledge bases that organize content in a human-readable form. If any client has a query, he can take advantage of this knowledge base to identify and find a solution for his issue. Knowledge Base provides hundreds of used case and real time scenarios of the production environments. This virtual knowledge base is more client oriented and easily accessible. The main motive of these articles is to provide a better understanding of the product and its environment.

Why Knowledge Base in being provided?

Better & Quick Resolution

Aim of providing knowledge base is the profound idea that there’s no need to put customers on hold, or transfer them between agents, or call them back later. Answers are right at customers’ fingertips. And when they have additional questions, others in the community are right there to help.

Better Understanding of the real time deployment cases

Knowledge Base helps server side better understanding from the client needs and perspective. Also provides better understanding of the market and product demand. Tested use cases are being provided in knowledge base, real time deployment environment with procedure mentioned and pictorial elaboration.

Features Description

Almost all the features of product are mentioned in descriptive way and the issues regarding those features are covered with solutions for user-friendly experience.

Update and Analysis of Articles

The articles which are being provided for the access of the client are being updated time to time for better experience and usability. Any new feature in the product and issues respectively get its update on knowledge base. The content provided in knowledge base is Archived Content.