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Version: v7

Haltdos CE Features

  • GUI Based WAF Configuration

    Simple management and monitoring with web based GUI. Easy to use policy customization supporting SSL management, Web, JSON & XML Policy, Redirection rules, header rules, etc.

  • Incidents Management

    Attack visibility with incident logging and reporting. Fine-tune WAF with a simple click of a button. You can whitelist incidents, view Incident Logging from UI, enable Access Logging etc.

  • Geo Fencing

    Geo Fencing enables website owner to smartly limit access to their web applications as per the geographic location of the user. Geo-location is also useful in content modification.

  • Bot Protection

    Users can configure WAF to determine, manage and mitigate automated requests / bot attacks. Enterprise can specify the action to take against this malicious traffic.

  • Built-in Signatures

    Haltdos CE Signatures offer protection from many types of attacks for Web Service/API including OWASP top 10 as well as it can help users to specify the behavior for their application.

  • Custom Signatures

    Users can configure Haltdos CE by creating rules such as regulations on particular requests, rate limiting, redirecting requests to another site etc.

  • Load Balancing

    Load balancing can be used to optimize resource utilization, maximize throughput, reduce latency, and ensure fault‑tolerant configurations. It reduces load on any single server eliminating a single point of failure. Haltdos CE supports for multiple algorithms to distribute traffic across server farms.