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Version: v6

Installation Steps

In this step, you'll pull Haltdos packages from the official software repository. SSH to your server and run the commands below

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install -y curl

Step 1: Installing

Download and install the latest Haltdos Community WAF edition installtion script

$ curl -s -k -o
$ sudo chmod +x
$ sudo bash

The script will automatically download and prepare the system to run Haltdos Community WAF.

Step 2: Verification

After successfull installation, you can verify the services by running the commands below:

$ sudo service controller status


$ sudo service offloader status


You can access Haltdos Community GUI from https://IP:9000.


Step 3: License Registration

Next, after verification, to start using our Community WAF Solution, you will require a License to enable the WAF Solution.

Fill in the details to request for Haltdos Community WAF license. License verification code will be sent via mail. Check your spam / junk if you cannot find the mail in inbox.

Post OTP Verification, your community WAF license will be activated.


You have successfully subscribed to Haltdos Community WAF.

Step 4: Accesing Haltdos Community UI

Login in to Haltdos Community WAF UI with the credentials provided during the signup.