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Version: v7

Installation Steps

Before we start, kindly update your system and install curl, if not installed.

For Debian-based distributions, execute below commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y curl

For Red Hat-based Linux distributions, execute below commands:

sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install -y curl

Step 1: Installing

Download and install the latest Haltdos Community WAF edition installtion script

curl -s -k -o
chmod +x
sudo ./

The script will automatically download and prepare the system to run Haltdos Community WAF.

Step 2: Verification

After successfull installation, you can verify the services by running the commands below:

sudo service controller status


sudo service offloader status



Haltdos Community WAF Service at start will be at loaded state. It will be in active and running state, once the whole registration of the instance is done.

You can access Haltdos Community GUI from https://<SERVER_IP_ADDRESS>:9000


Step 3: License Registration

Next, after verification, to start using our Community WAF Solution, you will require a License to enable the WAF Solution.

Fill in the details to request for Haltdos Community WAF license. License verification code will be sent via mail. Check your spam / junk if you cannot find the mail in inbox.

Post OTP Verification, your Haltdos Community WAF license will be activated.


You have successfully subscribed to Haltdos Community WAF.


If the Community WAF service is still shown as loaded and inactive, or if you face any other kind of issue, please contact Haltdos Support

Step 4: Accesing Haltdos Community GUI

Login in to Haltdos Community GUI with the credentials provided during the signup.